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Instead, you might want to use Macro Button Field prompts and have those unprotected. Specifically not discussed here are userforms which are a vba construct, Active X controls, which also require programming, and the newer content controls.The additional materials referenced at the beginning of the chapter do give information on those.If you hate the way Word 2007 does something, browse the Word Options menu to see if you can change it.In this article, I discuss the tabs located in this menu, but I won’t be able to cover all of the available preferences you can set through this dialog.

Getting a Word-printed form to look exactly like the pre-printed form can be very difficult because the fonts and spacing options are different.

The user can't make changes in the rest of the form, just fill it in.

When used on the computer, these are generally templates that create new documents.

(Note, this site has been down for more than a year.

These links are to archival versions.) Differences between online forms and controls from the controls toolbar - active tutorial by Dian Chapman, MVP showing use of Active X controls from toolbox and contrasting with formfields - when to use each Create Forms that Users Fill Out or Print on Word for Macintosh - Microsoft - Word 20 Note that this article erroneously labels legacy formfields as Content Controls. What I am talking about in this chapter is what is referred to as an online form in Microsofts documentation.

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